Ride Bike!

Biking, and particularly mountain biking, is one of my passions. If you'd like to see why so many people love to ride in Moab, Utah, read on.

I haven't put up much on local Fort Collins riding yet. At an extremely high level, if you're wondering where to ride in Fort Collins, try comtb.com and select the Fort Collins area.

I'm adding all new pictures to my public albums at Picasa Web Albums, and typically linking to them from my blog at vox.

More recent pictures (than those below) may also be found in my online biking pictures gallery.

Horsetooth Mountain Park

Horsetooth Mountain Park image map w/trail descriptions and pictures. Courtesy of Tom Purvis.

My favorite Fort Collins place to ride is Horsetooth Mountain Park. The park is located about 15 minutes west of Fort Collins, on the foothills side of Horsetooth reservoir. Horsetooth Rock is a large formation that looks down on the whole park, and is one of Fort Collins' most recognizable landmarks.

Riding in the park is good if you are willing to climb, tie short trails together, descend and then climb some more. I will post a few of my favorite loops, but for now here is one with some good climbing I did w/a friend a few days ago:

Not sure where all those trails are? Try the clickable Horsetooth Mountain Park image map.