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..not so much.) Since dokuwiki is all text-based goodness, I copied my previously-created pages into th... reinstalled the blog-related plugins -- all seems good. P.S. This, as history can show, is exactly what
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[[|at work]], it seems like a good choice for my personal wiki. I just installed th
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in Galilee (4:14 - 9:50) ====== * **Week 3:** Good News for Nazareth and Capernaum (4:14 - 4:44), Lu... Others (6:12 - 49), NEEDS_LEADER * **Week 6:** Good News to the Poor (7:1 - 50), Renee * **Week 7:*... of Jesus (24:1 - 53), NEEDS_LEADER ======5. The Good News Begins in Jerusalem (Acts 1:1 - 6:7)======
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get involved, jump in with these guys and do some good. The Vineyard of the Rockies Windsor Campus is l... ith pickups, trailors, or dump trucks! There's a good chance we'll have Vineyards from Denver and Grand
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ride home Wednesday and all night. Everything was good until just east of the intersection of Horsetooth
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dsor Night of Worship with Steve Jones. a rockin' good time and we'll really connect with God too! **Sa
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ts. As a bicycle commuter, I already had a pretty good mental model of the best routes through the city.
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====== Biking ====== So much good biking, so little time. ====== Favorite Destinations ====== * Col
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* [[|Wikipedia]]: can be good for all sorts of background material, archaeology
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wild weather yesterday]] I thought I'd wait for a good weather window to jump on the [[blog:scootermania 1 Hits
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