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dokuwiki .htaccess file: AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php ...and then I saw lots of errors abou
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tain satisfaction in doing so. And since we use [[|dokuwiki]] [[|at work]], it seems like a good choice for my personal wiki. I just installed the [[|blog plugin]] via the [[
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from the St. George, Utah area. Here's one with [[
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====== Online Bible Study Resources ====== [[|]] has many (... entaries, dictionaries and other study tools. [[|]] is a... == A Few Recommended Translations ====== * [[
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looking around, we took the plunge and bought a [[|2003 Honda Me... align="center" style="height:194px;background:url( no-repeat left"><a href=""><img
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=== External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set the link text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses ... s. External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You c
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to host here has moved to online services like [[|Snapfish]], [[|Picasa Web]] and Facebook ([[|Mike]]). Most of ... are" bandwidth these days is spent playing with [[|Flex]].
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st had to cluster to the middle of our building [[ Fort Collins. A large tornado touched down near [[ rest]] and seems to have run east of us towards [[
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. ===== Download ===== DokuWiki is available at ===== Read Mor... ] * [[doku>blogroll|What Bloggers think]] * [[|Compare it wit... * [[doku>requirements|System Requirements]] * [[|Download DokuWik
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pictures, but here's a sampler: |<html><a href=""><img src=" E/s144/IMG_1018.JPG" /></a></html>|<html><a href="
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on how you can help the people impacted by the [[ Colorado on Thursday]]. **Volunteering** The [[|United Way of Larimer Cou... d at the corner of Highway 392 and REA Parkway ([[
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align="center" style="height:194px;background:url( no-repeat left"><a href=""><img src="
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====== Photo Galleries ====== * [[|Our photos]] at PicasaWeb * [[|Old photo gallery]] * [[
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5%"> <tr><td> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="
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