Scootermania Descends on the Greiners

After a few months of pondering and looking around, we took the plunge and bought a 2003 Honda Metropolitan scooter from some friends. The economics were a pretty easy call for us, since my other motorized alternative is a Suburban. Considering only gas costs, the scooter costs about .04 per mile while the Suburban costs about .27 per mile. At a savings of .23 per mile the scooter will pay for itself in about 4,300 miles. I've already put over 150 miles on it in a week. (The previous discussion assumes 90mpg for the scooter, 15mpg for the Suburban, and gas at $4).

Besides the money savings, the scooter is just plain fun! I love zipping around town, running errands, parking in any little alcove. I look forward to my daily work commute. Most nights I take one or more of the kids out for scooter rides around our neighborhood. Everybody seems interested in checking it out, and I've even gotten some waves from motorcycles headed the other direction. Ah the biker camaraderie, heh.

Fort Collins is a great place to ride, with bike lanes on many streets. As a bicycle commuter, I already had a pretty good mental model of the best routes through the city. Nearly all the same habits apply when riding the scooter, it just gets there a little faster and doesn't make me work as hard. On that note, I need to get past this honeymoon period and back onto my (pedal-powered) bike pretty soon. If I don't, I may be that 300 pound guy riding around town on a Honda Metropolitan!

Our New Scooter


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