Tornado volunteer schedule update

An updated schedule from the Vineyard Gang.

Greetings again!

We had an enjoyable day today… the sun finally broke through and we got to spend an entire day serving one home. We sent our 10a and 2p teams to a horse ranch just north of Windsor. She was really grateful to have truckloads of strangers show up and help clean up her field after the tornado dragged her huge barn across her field. One team was one of our small groups from Fort Collins and they commented how enjoyable it was working together!

We've got plans nailed down for the next 4 days! Here your choices:

Thursday @ 10:00 am: Meet at the the Windsor Campus where you'll be met by a gal named Nancy. She's our volunteer coordinator for the day. We'll be joining probably 40-50 other folks for a “field walk”. This entails walking shoulder to should picking a field clean of debris. Wear your comfy walking shoes and gloves!

Friday @ 10:00 am & 2:00 pm: Meet at the Windsor Campus. Outreaches yet to be determined but will likely be sweeping up streets and sidewalks after the crews have picked up piles of rubbish.

Friday @ 7:00 pm: Windsor Night of Worship with Steve Jones. a rockin' good time and we'll really connect with God too!

Saturday @ 10:00 am: Meet at the Windsor Campus. This one will be exciting as we're expecting “family” from the Smoky Hill, Arvada, and Grand Junction Vineyards…we should have well over 250 folks! We'll be doing more street/sidewalk cleaning so if you've got a pickup, trailer, or the like bring it! Also, we've been asked to start going door to door in Windsor just “checking up” on the residents of the city; asking how they are doing, and if there's any help they need. This will be a day where it is easy to come and go at various times, so feel free to come for 30 minutes, or to stay for the day!

Sunday @ 2:00 pm: After church, meet at the Windsor Campus. We'll be having a huge BBQ with pounds and pounds of BBQ beef plus burgers and hot dogs! We'll feed you, workers and folks from around town. Plus we'll figure out how to show God's love in a practical way!

Drop offs are still a huge help. Water, snack bars, diapers, kitchen stuff! Feel free to bring it to the campus in Fort Collins, or to 11th and Main in Windsor (the old Steele's Market).

Finally, for updates dial our Info Hotline at 970.631.4871. If you have help to give, or help needed, shoot us an email at

Finally, finally ;) Jeff Hirschoff is heading out on Friday to return to his post in New Orleans (and to his wife!), if you see him say thanks!

for the Kingdom,

Jack & Wendy English
Windsor Campus Pastors

H. Dean Hines, Jr.
Outreach and Mission's Pasto


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