Scooter fill-up May 28, 2008

I thought it would be fun to post my Honda Metropolitan scooter gas mileage figures each time I fill up.

05/28/2008 90.5 miles on 1.077 gallons = 84.03 mpg ($4.55)

05/19/2008 96.2 miles on 1.061 gallons = 90.67 mpg ($4.14)

On the 05/19 tank the scooter got a little over 90mpg so I'm surprised to see the dip to 84. Of course I also think I squirted in a little too much gas this time, and with a 1.32 gallon tank, an extra 1/10th of a gallon can skew the numbers quite a bit. Still kicking the tar out of 15 mpg and $117 to fill my Suburban!


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