Windsor tornado volunteer schedule this week

The Vineyard of the Rockies church is coordinating a Windsor tornado volunteer schedule throughout this week and weekend. If you want to help the people of Windsor but aren't quite sure how to get involved, jump in with these guys and do some good.

The Vineyard of the Rockies Windsor Campus is located at:

679 Southwood Lane
Windsor, CO 80550
Phone: 970.219.9454

Here is a message I received today detailing the volunteer plans for this week and weekend.

Greetings again from Windsor!

Today was drizzly and overcast, and as the sirens wailed by one lady mentioned to her daughter, “I *hate* hearing those sounds”. As I was standing line I struck up a conversation with the gentleman beside me: “Do you live here or are you in to help out?” “I used to live here,” he mused, not quite to me. His home had been demolished and he seemed a bit at a loss of where he'd go next. But we've had a thank you notes coming in, and smiling faces as well.

Today we sent out another 40 folks or so to continue the clean-up around town. The excitment to lend a hand is high and there's still more to do. Tomorrow we're slated to help a horse farm north east of Windsor, and we're working on some more exciting plans that I hope to unveil tomorrow!

Here's the schedule:


Wednesday: Show up at the Windsor Campus at 10:00a or 2:00p. In the morning we'll be cleaning up at the farm. The afternoon is yet to be determined but there's still plenty to do!

Thursday: We're partnering with another non-profit organization to do a “field walk” where we'll walk shoulder-to-shoulder with many others to pick a field clean of debris. Many farmers have been seriously impacted by this severe weather. Again, show up at the Windsor Campus at 10a.

Friday: We'll again send teams out at 10:00a and 2:00p. And don't forget the Night of Worship with Steve Jones in the evening!

Saturday: We're nailing down final details for a major outreach. I'm envisioning 250 of us with pickups, trailors, or dump trucks! There's a good chance we'll have Vineyards from Denver and Grand Junction joining us…more details soon!

Sunday: Another major outreach in the afternoon…again, more details soon.

You can continue to make drops at the Vineyard Campus in Fort Collins, or at the Old Steele's Building at 11th & Main in Windsor. They are now requesting baby supplies like diapers and kitchen stuff like pots and pans. Also to carpool from the Fort Collins campus show up at 9:15a or 1:15p.

For up to the minute updates ring our Mercy Response Windsor Hotline at 970.631.4871 or contact us at

for the Kingdom,

Jeff Hirschoff
Mercy Response

Jack & Wendy English
Campus Pastors

H. Dean Hines, Jr.
Outreach and Mission's Pastor


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